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Hungry Hungry Hawaiian


Offensive Material Disclaimers 

This website is intended to provide raw info about what happens in our islands on daily basis. The material on our site is provided by our people,  with the intend of general information or entertainment  only and does not constitute professional advice. Where appropriate, users should seek news at the regular channels. The Hungry Hungry Hawaiian accepts no responsibility if you get offended in any way  as a result of material contained in this website. The Hungry Hungry Hawaiian accepts no liability in respect of material sent by our users.

Hungry Hungry Hawaiian?

Hungry Hungry Hawaiian started as an Instagram page to bring awareness to the grim reality the residents of Hawaii are faced with on a daily basis and has become a movement to show the major housing crisis and drug epidemic. Just walking down any street in Waikiki and you are likely to witness something that makes you say “what the fuck Hawaii?” The people of the Kingdom of Hawaii deserve so much better. We are here to bring people together to talk about the tough topics.

Not everything has
to be serious

Surprise! Everything doesn’t have to revolve around politics or bad news. We don’t care if you identify as a local, haole or something else, we just care about people being funny and able to laugh big time. It’s time to stand together as a community. And never forget to include Hungry hungry Hawaiian on your videos!!!

It shouldn’t matter what your personal politics are. Set them aside and let’s have fun together for Hawaii.